Sunday, 19 June 2011

Nam's Mixed grill for two..

6 medium glass prawns(trimmed)
4 chicken wing
1 rib eye steak
4-6 long potatoes(cut 1cm lenght wise)
Chili flakes
4 cloves garlic(crushed)
for chicken: chicken marinate sauce + foil

lemon for serving

plain greek yogurt
2 tablespoons lemon juice
bunch of fresh mint
salt + pepper

**You may need 2-3 grill/frying pan.

1. Prepare yogurt dip. Mix all ingredients and
give it a good mix. Cover and keep it chilled.
2. Marinate chicken with chili flakes,sauce and season well.
Place all wings into a foil wrap and set aside.
3. Have both pan working at the same time.
So food can be served all at one go.
4. First pan-
a)Place the wrapped foil onto the pan over medium high heat.
Flip over after 7 mins to cook the chicken evenly.
Push the foil to one side of the pan.
b) Drizzle olive oil on the other side of pan,
brown garlic and chili flakes and toss in prawns. Season well.
5. Second pan-
a)drizzle olive oil onto pan, place
potatoes slices over high heat.
Top with chili flakes and season well.
Cook for 5 mins on each side till charred with grill marks.
b) As for the steak, repeat same step as the potatoes.
Cook steak for 2 mins over high heat for medium,
5 mins for well done. Allow steak to rest for
5 mins before cutting into cubes.

6. Serve all in one grill pan together
along with the dip and lemon on the sides.

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