Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Barracks Cafe @ Dempsey House

Each month or two i will have my craving for the delicious food @ House Dempsey. Thanks to Talana's dad, Neil. I discover this hidden gem in the woods in our concrete jungle.
Food is good and slightly pricey but still affordable for a romantic dinner or gathering of close girlfriends.. :) The service can be slightly slow at busy nights.
But i have all the patience in the world to savour the tantalizing favourites.

I normally began with a few starters. I am in love with the "Bread Medley & Chunky Trio Dips" @ $15. You get four different dips and a basket of soft warm heavenly breads.

I will now announce my Star dish, "Harisa Sauteed Prawns and Grilled Mango" @$17 Just mouthwatering. Remember to dip the bread into the sauce. It's out of this world. Don't forget to squeeze the lemon it just brings out the bursting flavours.

My other recommendations would be the "Patagonian Wagyu Beef" @$25,
served along with sweet potatoes sticks and the "Truffle Fries".... Yuuum...

You should also try the "Squid Ink" Skinny pizza, juicy seafood tossed with fresh arugula leaves. @$23

As for the mains, i love the "Herb Crusted Lamb Rack" @$32.
Although i am not a huge fan of the ratatouille.

Now for the favourite part of the course. Desserts!!!!!
It has to be this energy pumping "Warm Chocolate Toffee Cake" @$12. Just look at the picture.
No words can describe it.

The restaurant has a beautiful indoor and alfresco dining view.

Greenery surrounding huge trees. No mozzies...:)
So the next time you choosing a new place to eat give House a try..
For reservations: +65 64757787
Add: 8D Dempsey Road

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  1. That dessert looks sinfully decadent.I can't say I have been to any of the restaurants in Dempsey except for a quick drive through the last time I was back in town.Will definitely check it out the very next time I am back.Thanks for sharing the review!