Tuesday, 6 April 2010

~~Grilled parsley crusted snapper fillet on bed of asparagus with panroasted potatoes~~

Here is a very healthy nutritious meal. Completed with protein, carbohydrates, vegetables all in one go.

Serves 2


2 red snapper fillets
1 kg of small potatoes (cut into halves)
1 packet of thin asparagus
1 good bunch of fresh English parsley (chopped finely)
Salt & Fresh crushed black pepper
Crush red chillies
Lemon wedges

1. Drizzle some olive oil on pan and roast the potatoes over medium
low heat till soft and crunchy on the outside.
2. Toss some parsley, salt, pepper and crush chillies.
Make sure you keep stirring from time to time so it cooked evenly .
3. Also drizzle some oil onto another shallow pan for the fish and asparagus.
Grill asparagus with some salt and pepper till slightly charred.
4. Season fillets well on both sides with salt and pepper. Coat The skin with a coat of the parsley then followed by breadcrumbs. If you so the other way the parsley wont stick as well.
5. Place skin side down first onto pan till it turn golden and crispy.
Cook evenly on both side till fish is cooked.
6. Serve by placing fillets over asparagus with potatoes and lemons wedges on the sides.
You can have capers as well it goes great with the fish.

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