Wednesday, 11 August 2010

**~~** Ramadan Kareem **~~**

**~~~*~~** Ramadan Kareem**~~*~~~**
I would love to wish all the muslim readers
a blessed and happy Ramadan.
May your be given strength and patience
while carrying out your fasting..
I will definitely update new recipes for Breaking fast
and maybe some bites for Sahur even... :)
Do leave a comment if you wish me to try some recipes...
I will also try some new delicious Raya treats..
Hoooraaayy... Now i am hungry already... Wink!
**God bless**


  1. Salam and have a blessed Ramadan Nam.Tried the chinese scallion pancake recipe from your site for iftar last night and it was good.Tasted similar to pratha.Will be looking forward to your raya recipes.

  2. Salam Nam,Ramadan Mubarak to you and family too.Looking forward to your iftar menu and recipes.


  3. By the way Nam,we are Zee and Zee ,we are sisters and we love your food blog!

  4. Salam Zee & Zee,

    Thank you very much for your support. Insyallah i put up more recipes. :)

    Yes, the chinese pancakes are similar but less oily..

  5. Salam Nameera,
    Have a blessed Ramadhan w your hubby! I ve been reading your blog but still haven't gotten the time to try the more challenging ones. Well, to me, it seems that everything that either needs pounding or baking is challenging nowadays especially with the lack of time in the kitchen.
    However, I will know where to go to if i need to whip up something delicious..
    Khairiani Roni