Friday, 15 January 2010

::Beef Bersaola::

I had an incredible weekend last week. I had all my best friends from all parts of the world in Singapore with me. It was a second celebration for the new year. I organised an amazing group dinner at one of my new favourite Italian restaurant called Osvaldo. Been there a few times already in the past 2 months.

At the dinner, i wanted to try something new for me. So i came across something an antipasti "Beef Bersaola". I tried it and i am in love with it. So i did my little research on it to find out just more about this amazing piece of beef.

It is basically an air-dried salted beef that has been aged for 2-3 months till it turn dark red and hard. It made from Top (inside) round. It's normally lean and tender with a sweet musty smell. (Got this off the wikipedia).

It usually sliced thinly like paper and serve at room temperature. Serve with salad and drizzles of olive oil. Yuuuuuuuuuuuum...

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