Thursday, 14 January 2010

::My new diet::

This brand new year i totally started with a BANG. I just got my new In-Ovation C Braces. Woooooow i am totalllly mesmerised with it. I spent a longer time in front of the mirror. Inspecting and exploring this amazing new creation. It's simply amazing. Soooooo that means i have to change my diet almost totally. I have to be on soft food till i am be able to master the skill of eating with my braces. As for now i am a clutz.. So it going to be pretty interesting the cook that i have on my list. I am actually more excited to be able to cook them. Things that i don't normally crave. Sooo it like a huge experiment for me and my braces. Trying to be very positive focus on my dream of having beautiful straight smile...:) So do watch so some new recipe which are braces friendly. Maybe i could help others with braces to enjoy their food too..

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