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Happpy **--**2010**--**

**--**Happy new year to all of you**--**

I am truly sorry that I have not been able to post anything since early December. Was way to caught up with the holiday plans. My husband and i just returned home from our amazing holiday in Europe. I would love to share with you some of the mouthwatering food that we had during the trip. The main highlights of the trip beside the the spectacular scenery's are of course the food. We truly enjoy the foooood and eating at amazing restaurants.. I will highlight you our favourites.

We started our trip to the incredibly beautiful Cortina d'Ampezzo in Italy. We skiied for 3 days. We had amazing snowfall up to 20 cm each day. We took a break during skiing on our last day and had lunch by the ski slopes. I had "Gnocchi with tomato base" while my husband and "Gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese". We have to admit that it was the best gnocchi we ever tasted. Simple yet truly amazing.

" Gnocchi with tomato sauce" " Gnocchi with gorgonzola"

Then we head over to Gerolstein,Germany for my first white Christmas ever with my husband's beautiful family. My mother in law prepared a simple yet delicious "Stuffed cheese tortellini with pan roasted mushrooms with onion" for Christmas eve lunch then we proceed to decorate the Christmas tree.
"Veal wrapped in cabbage rolls with polenta"
"Gorgonzola with polenta" "Lobster linguine"
"Pasta with pan roasted mushrooms"
Then for Christmas eve dinner, we had an amazing "Baked whole Scandinavian salmon". Keeping the taste as fresh we gently seasoned it with salt, black pepper and top it up with lemon slices & onions. On the sides we had "Bigos" is a traditional Polish dish, a savoury stew of cabbage and meat and "Pierogi" which is a baked or boiled dumplings of unleavened dough with meat or cheese fillings. I totally fell in love with the taste and texture of these dishes.. Simply delicious.

For Christmas day lunch, We had our superstar, I call it Mr.T... our 13 kg turkey. It was MASSIVE. I followed my favourite Jamie Oliver recipe. I do it twice already.. Everyone loooooved the flavour of the stuffing. Sweetness of the apricots which combines amazingly with the rest of the ingredients. It took 8 hours to cook the turkey. I will post the recipe too.

"Turkey's stuffing"

We continued our journey to Paris, France. I totally fell in love with the city all over again despite living there for a month 5 years ago.. The city is filled with little surprises at every corner in every street. I find it very similar to London when it comes to food and mix cultures. I love it... Just it has way more class to me personally. The vibe of the city is very upbeat despite the cold weather which i find fascinating. Highlights of the trip was our lunch in Place de Clichy. We had "Belon" flat European oysters and "Escargot" which is a cooked land snails for appetizers.

"Belon european oysters" "Escargot"
Also we had a amazing time at a Mediterranean restaurant called "404 restaurant". I had the "Lamb skewers with roasted vegetables" and my husband enjoyed the Tangine cooked "Minced beef and egg".

"Lamb skewers with roasted vegetable" "Mince beef with eggs"
In Paris , you can definitely find one thing other than "Baguette" which is "Crepe" to make it even more mouthwatering you seldom see HUGE "Nutella" bottles along side the crepe stalls. "Nutella crepe" is France most priceless jewel for ME!!! Hahahahha.. you can even see the smile on my face when i think or it. " Nutella crepe" Last stop was Milan.. It's a love hate relationship with this city. Italian food is my favourite so it was very interesting for me to find out the real taste done right smack in Italy. It was great but nothing over the top. Here are a few highlights. I finally get to really cook my own meal after close to 10 days.. Did my fave "Spaghetti al limone".

" Grilled crayfish and prawns"

" Spagetthi al limone"

We spend New years at Centro Ittico Raw fish restaurant located at Martiri Oscuri. Pretty far from the city but they have the best lobster i have to say.. Super fresh seafoooood.. What more can u ask..? Lemons maybe..:) I had "Grilled crayfish and prawns" and my husband had the "Linguine with Lobster" for mains.. "Tiramisu" for dessert.

We also head to Al Matarel located at Corso Garibaldi. Super classic old italian restaurant which doesn't even take credit cards.. I had "Tortellini with braised meat" for starters and for mains " Veal wrapped in cabbage rolls" which served with a tomato base sauce with some polenta on the side. My husband had "Tagliatelle with mushroom" for starter "Baked gorgonzola with polenta" for mains.

So we are happpy to be back in Asia as i get homesick when it comes to fooood. Typical Asian cravings..:) But i did satisfy my craving when we found a Chinese takeaway restaurant by our apartment. I had "Seafood fried rice" and " Banana fritters". Superb...

I will soon post new recipes now that i am back on track.. Thank you for being patient with me...:)


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