Saturday, 13 November 2010


As I was picking up fresh vegetables at the wet market.
I came across this alien looking fruit. I asked the lady
and she replied "Ribena" known as Roselle.
I was super thrilled and bought 50cent worth of Ribena fruit.
I grew up drinking this refreshing drink and till now to know I can make my own fresh Ribena juice. Oh my.. Raf loves it too...

10-15 Ribena fruit
A small handful of Rock sugar
1000 ml water

1. Wash fruit well and peel the
fruit's calyxes(the lobes)
and set it aside. That is what you will
be needing to make the juice.
2. Boil water, add in the calyxes
together with rock sugar.
3. You will see the colour from the
calyxes transferring to the water.
Cook till calyxes turns transparent.
4. Set aside to cool before
straining juice into a jug.
Refrigerate and serve chill.

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