Saturday, 6 February 2010

::Syairahim's Quick and Easy Chicken Rice::

I would like to introduce to all you readers an easy and hassle free way to prepare your own Chicken Rice. Yes you heard it HASSLE FREE. I have tried the products a few time. I have got to tell you. It's a thumbs up for me and my husband. So here is a brief write up of the product.
1011 chicken rice is the famous Pasir Ris dish renowned for it's superb taste and unique fragrance. Prepared using a careful selection of only the finest ingredients, 1011 instant chicken rice set brings the great taste of their secret recipe to your home!

It's very easy to prepare, here a step by step to achieve that great quality chicken rice in your own home.

No preservatives and refrigerate at all times.

Chicken Rice Paste
(Serves 5-7)

170 g per bottle.

Ingredients: Vegetable oil. garlic, ginger and salt.


1. Thaw and stir well before use. Mix 8.5 tbsp (85 g) of paste into 720 ml (4 cups) water.
Let the mixture simmer for 10 mins in rice cooker.

2. Wash 500 g of Thai Fragrant rice and drain well. Add the rice into rice cooker
along with the paste and cook for 15 mins. Stir evenly after rice is cooked for best results.

Chicken Rice Chicken Paste (marinate)

Ingredients: Flour,garlic,salt and tumeric.

1. Thaw and stir well before use. Add 12 tbsp of paste into bowl.

2. Take 1.5 kg of chicken parts and into bowl and coat with paste evenly with hands.

Marinate for 15-20 mins.

3. Deep fry the chicken in hot oil. You could double fry chicken for best taste.

Chicken Rice Chilli Paste

Ingredients: Chilli, vinegar, sugar and garlic.


Thaw and stir well before use. Add 5 tbsp of chilli paste with 70 ml water and stir evenly.

Serve with Chicken Rice and enjoy..

Whole set for just $12/ nett SGD.

To order please call Madam Zaleha @ 90219414.

Free delivery!!!

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