Friday, 12 February 2010

Weekly Sinful Indulgence

I have MAD love for chocolate. So being a chocoholic, it is a must for me to treat myself daily with something to beat my cravings. My mad sugar rush starts kicking in normally around 3pm daily. My body needs it for some weird reason. Despite being so skinny alot of people hate the fact that i can afford to indulge in such sinful act. Haahhahahahahhaha........

So here is one of my favourite slice of heaven. Let me introduce you to my love "Belgian Chocolate Marquise" from Cedele. The outlet is conveniently located under my office tower...:) For only $3, you get to savour the wonder of the melted chococlate couverture folded with cookies, nuts, cherries and raisins.... Halleluya!!!!!!!

So the next time, you walk pass Cedele. Do drop in and try this slice of heaven..


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