Tuesday, 11 August 2009

3 cheese lasagna...

3 cheese lasagna...
(Serves 8)

Here is a very easy to follow recipe. My family loves it.. Rich cheesy slice of heaven. I use the no hassle Barilla La Collezione lasagne pasta, no precooking needed. It take a longer preparation time but it worth every minute.

500 grams mince beef
2 large onions (diced)
2 clove garlic (diced)
4 large tomatoes (diced)
1 can of whole tomatoes
2 cans of tomato paste
2 cans of tomato sauce
1 packet 500 grams shredded mozzarella cheese
250 grams ricotta cheese (grated)
250 grams parmesan cheese (grated)
1 large bunch of italian parsley (chopped)
1 bunch of basil leaves
1 teaspoon fennel seed
1 teaspoon italian seasoning
1 egg
1 teaspoon of ground nutmeg powder
8 sheets of Barilla La Collezione lasagne pasta.
Black pepper
1/2 cup olive oil
23 cm square baking tin

1. Heat up a large pot and pour in the oil.
2. Throw in the onions and garlic. Stir for 1 minute.
3. Add in the mince beef, brown the meat for 6 to 9 Min's.
4. Once meat is brown add in the diced tomatoes,whole tomatoes, tomato sauce and paste.
5. Season with salt and pepper.
6. Add the sugar, fennel seeds, italian seasoning, basil and a part of the italian parley.
7. Simmer on low heat for 1 hour and 30 Min's. Making sure you gently stir it from time to time.
8. Once meat sauce is ready. Turn off heat.
9. Mix the egg, nutmeg and the rest of the italian parley and ricotta cheese together in a bowl.
10. Pre heat oven to 180 deg.
11. Take the baking tin and lightly grease it.
12. Firstly, spread 1/3 of the meat mixture.
13. Then place 4 pasta sheet. Making sure the layer is covered.
14. Later spread 1/2 the ricotta cheese mixture over evenly using your fingers.
15. After that sprinkle 1/3 generous amount of mozzarella cheese over.
16. You then top that layer up with 1/3 the parmesan cheese.
17. Repeat the same process again.
18. Lastly you top the last portion of the meat mixture on the top followed by the mozzarella and parmesan.
19. Cover with aluminium foil and bake for 25 Min's.
20. Then take the foil out and bake for another 25 Min's.

Let it rest before serving. Sprinkle chili flakes over to add more heat.
You can save and reheat leftover at 160 deg for 15 Min's..

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