Monday, 17 August 2009

Indian clay pot cooking...

Indian clay pot cooking....

I finally got i first indian clay pot from tekka market in little india. I was very excited to cook my indian curries in it.. to have that extra flavour like they say. I am an old soul, so in my cooking, i love the old and traditional ways of cooking. So cooking in a clay pot is thrilling for me. So i got a nice black clay one it's without a cover and it only cost $15. I get more pots very soon.. All cooking should be done on low flame so it takes longer to cook. I have also going to show you on how you should prepare the pot before cooking. A trick from my grandma. I guess it helps lock it more flavour to all future cooking. Looks fragile but don't be afraid to try it..

What you need: 1 packet of grated coconut

1. Just simply rinse the pot.
2. Heat it on low flame.
3. Put in the grated coconut and roast it slowly till golden brown.
4. Making sure you stir it every once in a while.
5. Once coconut is browned. Leave the coconut in the pot cool overnight.
6. Throw coconut and wash clean before using.

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