Friday, 21 August 2009

Raya Treats....

Raya Treats....
The holy month of Ramadan is here. So i am very very excited to try my new compilation of cookies, cakes and traditional raya dishes. As a new wife, i try my best to provide the best for my home. So i be trying the recipes one by one..Trial batch see how it goes.. If boss says "Yes" it's a thumbs up.. I am also trying to continue my mum's cookies. She have stop doing our favourite press choc cookie....and even pineapple tarts. No way i can live with that. I need to satisfy my beloved brother cravings and of course mine..:) I be doing a few type of cookies and cakes.. So fingers crossed that it will turn out ok. For the traditional raya dishes. I will be asking my master chef, Grandma to insist me to stir up all my personal favourites. So to all Muslims out there, I would like to wish a great Ramadan and happy fasting..

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